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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

IT Service Contracts Require Practice

Sometimes after you secure IT service contracts, you might be afraid that your customers might give you more than you can handle, or that you won’t be able to deliver service on time. But not to worry – if you fully prepare yourself and follow specific guidelines you will be able to follow through with your promises.


When offering IT service contracts, just start selling. You can go slowly at first to get used to the process, but you need to just get started. You can’t train yourself to be confident, and there is no specific recipe to follow that will guarantee confidence. It will only happen when you start to sell IT service contracts and delivering the services you are offering.

Start with small accounts and then go to larger accounts. Don’t eliminate the possibility of taking on a larger one if it happens, but know that the only way to create larger opportunities is by starting small to build your service reputation.


You will not get to the IT service contract part of the conversation with prospects if you don’t manage the sales call process. You need to take them to the point of wanting an IT audit and have something very specific to offer them. If you don’t present a prepared plan, you will just become an emergency service provider and will not spur them to develop a long-term relationship with your company.


You can’t offer successful IT service contracts by just waiting for the phone to ring or doing sporadic work. Finding long-term clients requires the work of an entire IT department.

Long-term clients know you will take care of long-term projects and upgrades and work with phone companies, ISP’s and web hosts along with other important figures in their technology services. They want to know you will be there in an emergency, but also that you are there during other times as well as part of IT service contracts.

IT service contracts are critical because they will give you more dependable customers. The service agreement coupled with a dependable IT department will guarantee better business relationships.

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