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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Open X-Change's New Partner Program

Open X-Change is seeking to bring more resellers into their open-source collaboration project by creating a new partner program that makes working with the company easier for resellers. Not only are their contact solutions improved, but also Open X-Change is providing greater product support and increased lead generation.

To help meet individual needs, partners are placed into one of three tracks after registering. The first track is for VARs who will receive technical and sales support since they help users select and customize their software. The second track is for system integrators and consultants who can use this as an integration framework and will receive training in consulting and integration services. Finally there is the ISV track, for those who will create applications using Open X-Change and will receive early beta versions of the software.

All communication with partners will go through the company's PRM tool. Training information and technical support will all be readily available to partners. Learn more about the new Open X-Change Partner Program in the article, Open-Xchange Rolls Out New Partner Program (link above).

Added by Joshua Feinberg