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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Solution Provider Pelion Appoints New CEO

Leading solution provider Pelion Systems, Inc. stated on March 2 that Kevin Fallon was appointed new president and CEO of the company. Fallon was chosen by the board of directors of this market leader in supply chain optimization solutions because of the company’s desire to continue the impressive growth experienced by the company in 2005. Pelion Systems expanded its technology products and managed to make triple digit growth in sales.

Customers of Pelion are using the solution provider’s technology to cross boundaries of enterprise and help synchronize themselves with companies within their respective industries. This innovation is the reason Fallon is excited to be a part of Pelion.

Fallon has over 20 years of engineering, marketing, operations and management experience. He held positions with RCA, General Electric and created four technology companies. He also was an executive with many private and public companies, including serving as president and CEO of All-Control Systems and COO of Tava. He has a track record of expanding revenue for all companies he was with and helping them realize new levels of growth and opportunity, which is precisely why he was chosen to head Pelion. Some companies he led had an increase in sales of more than 900 percent in just one year.

Pelion experienced an incredible year in 2005, securing major new accounts, expanding its reach with its existing customers and strengthening its position as a solution provider in the market. Fallon intends to build upon that success by helping more manufacturers speed up their supply and reduce inventories while improving the quality off services.

Denver-based Pelion Systems is a leading solution provider giving supply chain optimization solutions based on Lean, Six Sigma and Flow manufacturing ideas. It is the first solution provider to develop applications that bring Lean principles across the network to help productivity, increase visibility, collaboration and synced production and distribution as a response to demand.

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