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Friday, March 17, 2006

Subcontracting versus Hiring Employees

Although you should always consult with a lawyer about the differences between subcontracting and hiring employees, here are the basics.

* Subcontractors should own their own tools.

* You shouldn't be providing them with a laptop or protocol analyzers or anything else that would be expected if someone had their own network integration or service kind of business.

* They should have control over things. You should not be executing the same degree of control over them that you would an employee.

* They should have many clients.

* They should have the ability to sustain a loss. They should also market to the public or have a listing in the phone book.

* You should not be paying by the hour.

* You should be writing the check to the company, not the individual.

For more information talk to your lawyer or CPA, and read the complete article (link above).

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