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Thursday, April 13, 2006

ActivIdentity's single sign-on software gets smart

ActivIdentity, an IT security vendor, has transformed their product from great to exceptional. The company has announced that smart cards can now be used with their product, creating a more efficient, effective product.

Instead of storing employee names and passwords on a central corporate computer, they can now be stored separately on smart cards, using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cryptographic algorithm.

All names and passwords can be placed onto a single smart card, streamlining the protection process. Brian Kowal, a technical manager for business development with ActivIdentity, said, "It's something that's in your pocket. If you lose your computer, you don't have all your user names and passwords stored on your computer. Unless you've got millions and millions of dollars and a few years, you might break into one smart card."

Learn more about this new product and how it could help your customers in the full article (link above).

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