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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Adopting Next Generation of NVIDIA(R) Quadro FX

Leading workstation system integrators are using the newest version of NVIDIA Quadro® FX graphic boards into professional systems. PNY Technologies, Inc., announced the news about their NVIDIA Quadro® FX today.

There are several types of NVIDIA Quadro® FX graphic boards by PNY Technologies, Inc. that are currently available for different types of systems and clients. According to Eric Shiroke, general manager of professional graphics for PNY Technologies: "This top to bottom product refresh continues to provide our partners with cutting edge graphics performance for their most demanding applications."

Francois Wolf, director of marketing, BOXX Technologies, says, "VFX professionals who choose high-end BOXX APEXX and 3DBOXX workstations to supercharge their creativity can count on the power of the NVIDIA Quadro FX 5500 by PNY with 1GB of frame buffer memory to easily handle their most complex scenes."

Learn more about these high quality graphics boards in the full article (link above).

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