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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

AYC Telecom: Signing More UK Resellers

AYC Telecom is looking to expand their business by signing more resellers in the U.K. Paul Howard, Chief Executive of AYC Telecom, announced the company's desire to sign up more U.K. resellers.

Both AYC Telecom and Hugh Symons, a primary partner, will be sending leads to channel partners. With 80 to 90 active resellers, the company is actively seeking out VARs who may be interested in becoming resellers for AYC Telecom.

According to Marios Ktisti, strategic product manager at Hugh Symons: "We are focusing on AYC Telecom's product set, and we are making it easier for resellers to sell into the SME market."

Find out more about AYC Telecom's new VARs program in the article, AYC Telecom looks to sign more UK resellers (link above).

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