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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Computer Business Dell Improves Warranties

For many months, critics have lamented over the customer service provided by computer business Dell. A particular target of this criticism has been Dell’s warranties, which previously were very limited in both scope and length and were causing many problems to go unfixed in Dell users’ computers.

Dell announced on April 3 that it would be increasing the length of its warrantees significantly, from 90 days to a year. The warranty change will apply first to the entire line of Inspiron notebooks.

The Texas-based computer business specializing in PC’s already provides 24-hour customer service to its clients, but many have complained about long phone wait times and other problems. The PC company stated that the move to offer longer warranties will help bring more consistency in the service offered particularly to those with Dimension desktop PC’s and other Inspiron products, the most popular line.

Dell will also increase availability of Intel’s dual-core processors to those buying products beneath the higher-end systems, including the Inspiron E1705 and E1505 notebooks and Dimension 5150 desktops.

The limited warranties improvement for Dell comes at a critical time when complaints about customer service have escalated and just after the company itself has acknowledged issues. The move will help bring Dell in alignment with many warranties offered by competitors such as Hewlett-Packard and newly-emerging Lenovo.

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