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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Computer Consulting: Some General Tips

You need to be ready to offer more to your clients than IT services. Many people can offer technical skills but few can offer real customer service. By having service contracts and partnering agreements on hand, you can provide customers with quick, professional service.

Most of your small business customers won't ask for service contracts, so you need to be prepared to offer them. You will need to explain how this is a mutually beneficial relationship and how fees and the contract will work. Never focus on just the numbers game – provide value services. Remember the customer is buying you just as much as they're buying the service.

Tackle one thing at a time so that you are constantly improving. Come up with one thing to focus on each week whether it is a contract or a marketing package. Also find places where you can hire professionals to assist you – places such as design and marketing.

Learn more about things you need to know as you start your computer consulting firm in the complete article (link above).

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