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Friday, April 28, 2006

Computer Consulting: Use Your Time Wisely

When you're running your own business, time really is money. Using your time wisely will make or break your business. With some discipline and structure, you will be able to succeed.

Journal Your Time

One of the best ways to determine where you're spending your computer consulting time is to keep a close watch on your time with a journal. Spend a couple of weeks writing down everything you do, and then take a close look at the way you spend your time. Use Excel or a calendar to evaluate where your time goes each week and what types of business development you have time to do to reach the bigger accounts.

Structure for Training

Training is essential for both you and your employees. You probably can't let everyone leave for an expensive five day course, but you should make sure you have tutorials available as well as magazines that cover the most important technology in your field. Your techs should be training whenever they have extra time.

Have a Plan

Just like kids in school, your techs need to know that you have a plan. Let them know what skills you want them to work on that month. For instance, you can say, “This month I want you to concentrate all of your down time on learning how to do Microsoft Small Business Server 2003.” Keep you and your staff focused with a clear plan.

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