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Monday, April 03, 2006

Computer Service Business: Providing New Employees with Orientation

As a computer service business owner or manager, you need to include orientation programs for new employees. These orientation sessions will help make an employee feel welcome in your business and give him a better chance of succeeding. This means you will experience less job turn-around and fewer recruiting costs.

There are a variety of steps that should be involved in any successful computer service business orientation programs: development of a job description; assignment of jobs that will create a successful product; appointment of a mentor to guide the employee in the initial stages of the job.


When you provide a clear and easy-to-understand job description, the new employee will be able to adjust better to his new position in the computer service business. You should explain what you expect and how the employee’s performance will be determined. A new hire without this information is destined to fail.


New employees will be naturally nervous. You can allay their fears by assigning easy early projects at which they can succeed. Find tasks that play on their specific strengths and highlight abilities to boost confidence. Other team members will accept the new employee that works efficiently.


Assigning a mentor to a new employee can help him acclimate to the computer service business. The mentor can introduce the new hire to important players in the organization and give advice on protocol and procedures. His support and encouragement of the new employee will also offer a good impression of the computer service business.

A clearly laid-out, thorough orientation program will help both the new employee and the computer service business that will be helped by a well-adjusted and motivated employee.

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