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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Computer Service Company Perks: Employee Extras

Computer service company perks are much different from company benefits. Perks are extras for employees that help remind them the computer service company cares about their job satisfaction and is giving them something for free. Perks can include items like company cars, childcare, coffee and snacks and flextime.


Company cars are common perks given to employees of a computer service company because the profession, particularly for those involved in sales and service involves so much travel time. If a company car is not feasible, a company gas card is a good way to cover fuel expenses.


Childcare can be challenging for many employees, and there are options for both the small and large computer service company. Small companies can help with the expenses of a near-by childcare facility or pay in full. Large companies might consider opening a childcare facility on location.


These perks may seem tiny, but they are incredibly important. Most people look forward to coffee and breakfast in the morning, and many, strapped for time will pay to get it on the way to work. By offering breakfast and coffee in the morning, a computer service company is saving employees time and money.


Flextime makes it possible for employees to set hourly schedules and gives them more control over their time. If this is a feasible option for you as a computer service business, think about letting sales people and others that travel all day start the workday at home, or allow technicians to come in later so they can offer evening hours to clients. When employees feel their time is valuable and that they have a say in how it is spent, they will be more productive.

There are many other perks available to a computer service company. Be creative and think about what will benefit the staff.

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