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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Do You Have the Personality for IT Consultation?

The industry of IT consultation is very competitive and requires very specific personality traits of its professionals. Before you begin a new IT consultation career, you need to make sure your personality fits the trade. A good consultant is a risk-taker with strong people skills. He can handle insecurity and has a good and steady support system along with the most important personal quality of integrity.


Risks are a major component of IT consultation, and the risk of mistakes and failure are always a possibility when dealing with technology. You need to be able to deal with the possibility of failure and mistakes and have the ability for recovery. Similarly, the IT consultation field is full of fluctuation and insecurity, and you will have good times and bad times. You need to be prepared for instability and be able to ride it out until the end.


As a member of an IT consultation firm, you are partnering with clients, and clients are real people. You will be working with the client, not for him or above him, and the way you treat your clients in relationships will determine their strength and the strength of your business. You need to know when to speak, listen, when to push your client and when to give your client what he is asking for even if you might not agree.


As someone involved in IT consultation, you need supportive family, staff, mentors and friends. The first few months will be high-stress and very isolated, and having reliable methods of emotional support will be critical to pushing through the difficulties.


A consultant needs personal and professional integrity, a quality that will help build your reputation in the community. Set high standards for your business and stand behind them no matter what happens.

Starting an IT consultation business is risky, but rewarding and exciting. If you have strong people skills, integrity and a strong support system, you will be well-suited for success.

Created By: Computer Consulting 101 Professional Kit