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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Getting Ready to Hire in the Computer Service Business

Computer service business managers don’t always have the right training to successfully manage the hiring process. Good employees make a computer service business run efficiently, reduce costs and save time, and managers need to be prepared to spend time on the hiring process to get just the right candidates.


Jobs in the computer service business can change. A manager needs to keep reviewing and updating all job descriptions to keep abreast of all changes and ensure new job specifications reflect the right abilities. Therefore, jobs such as those requiring communication with customers will attract candidates that have outstanding customer service experience.


As a manager of a computer service business, you need to keep job requirements fluid and flexible so you don’t risk losing a potentially excellent employee. Determine which qualities are priorities and allow for some variation in the other qualities.


While you would love to hire the perfect candidate, sometimes your idea of perfection is not exactly what you can expect to find. Sometimes managers in the computer service business might overlook the best candidate because they have set their expectations too high. While you may be looking for someone with an MBA degree, you might only be able to find someone with extensive business experience. By only interviewing candidates with MBA degrees, you are most certainly overlooking a huge pool of great job candidates.

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