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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

GoldenGate(R) Solutions Used Worldwide

GoldenGate® Software, Inc. is the number one provider of transactional data management solutions, and their software has become popular with companies worldwide. Banks and retail merchants have found the software to be particularly helpful.

Raymond Tang, Programming Analyst for Wescom Credit Union, says, "Implementing a dual-site production environment has improved availability significantly. The GoldenGate solution enhances the core BASE24 software, enabling us to process large transaction volumes in real time between two machines, with any single machine capable of handling all transactions in the event of contingency. GoldenGate is part of a highly sophisticated business continuity plan at Wescom which ensures continued availability, accuracy and delivery of data."

Tim Rathbun, executive vice president of marketing and product management for GoldenGate has this to say: "There are many important considerations and processing methods required for supporting a dual-site environment. GoldenGate D24 is the only product that works seamlessly with BASE24 addressing conflict detection and resolution across systems as they operate transaction processing in a dual-site mode."

Learn more about GoldenGate Solutions for your clients or your company in the full article (link above).

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