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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

IT Consultants: Finding Great Moonlighting Clients

With IT consultants, moonlighting is a step towards full-time consulting, and therefore should only involve working with steady clients. If you are only juggling emergency or one-shot customers, you have no predictability or real opportunity for growth. You can’t become full-time IT consultants without steady and committed clients.


You should think carefully if you even consider one-shot clients. You are better off focusing on small businesses with a variety of IT needs that have to see you at least two or more evenings or Saturdays per month. This will give you the opportunity to do small IT consulting jobs in between regular appointments.


If you are considering moonlighting, you need to make sure your schedule can accommodate. If you already work 80 hours per week, you will never fit in more work. The best jobs for moonlighting are straight nine to five, low-pressure situations. If you have a flexible schedule at your day job that allows you to occasionally take long lunches or mornings off, the set-up is even better.


Your best situation as moonlighting IT consultants will be $1,000 per month clients that only need to work with you one or two times per month. The ideal customers will only require one or two Saturdays or Sundays and small amounts of phone support between meetings. The minimum business opportunity will need approximately $500 per month in IT services.

If you are not keen on giving up nights and weekends in order to be IT consultants, you probably don’t want to get involved with moonlighting. You need to be just as committed as your clients to your work.

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