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Monday, April 17, 2006

IT Consultation: Do You Have the Required Business Skills?

In the IT consultation world, there are many business skills you need beyond computer skills to succeed. Before you start your own IT consultation firm, you need to become aware of the following required business skills: marketing skills; networking skills; financial skills; written communication skills; and presentation skills. While you don’t need to have all these skills initially, you need to be prepared to learn them for the future to make your IT consultation firm work.


During the first year, your business will revolve around marketing and sales. You can hire a marketing consultant at the beginning if this is not one of your strong suits and then learn as the IT consultation business develops.


In the IT consultation business you have to cultivate relationships with other consultants and people that can hire you, but you need to be willing to have a balance. If you push your business too hard, you might breed negativity.


You might be wise to hire an accountant if you are not good with money. You should evaluate your abilities with finances very honestly using a system that will best gauge your money management skills.


You will need to submit written materials often in the IT consultation business. These materials will include proposals, progress reports and contracts, and being good at writing will allow you to work very productively. If you have intimate knowledge of the art of writing, you will be able to turn out proposals and reports quickly and efficiently.


Public speaking will become a large part of your IT consultation business, as clients often need a group presentation before they will accept a project proposal. If you are not good at speaking, enroll in a public speaking class to improve your communication skills and help your future business.

You need to examine all your skills before you start your IT consultation firm and hire consultants or employees that can make up for the weak areas. If you are prepared to learn about skills you might currently lack, you have a better chance at succeeding in the future.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg