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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

IT Consulting Firm Hitachi Consulting Named Among Top Ten Service Providers

Consumer Goods Technology ranked IT consulting firm Hitachi as one of its top 10 service providers to consumer goods companies for the year. The ranking of IT consulting firms in this industry is part of Consumer Goods Technology’s 2006 Best in Class Readers Choice survey. It was determined by using information offered by 150 consumer goods company executives and includes customer experience rankings.

Hitachi Consulting’s Consumer Goods Practice Leader Stephen Brant stated that companies throughout the consumer products arena are having trouble with many issues but are trying to improve transportation management. Companies that have contracts from IT consulting firms related to this area and any others with transportation costs are now looking for innovative solutions to help them manage losses. Higher fuel costs are expected to continue to have an impact on many businesses in the near and even distant future.

IT consulting company Hitachi is the producer of cutting-edge ideas about Trade Promotion Management. The company is encouraging businesses to take steps to manage and store data in order to best create a plan for their specific futures.

Hitachi’s recognition as an outstanding service provider in IT consulting comes on the heels of its recent announcement about global expansion. Hitachi recently started operations in three countries in Europe: the UK; Spain and Portugal.

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