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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

IT Consulting Firms: Places to Find Clients

IT consulting firms need to have a special expertise or service, and consultants need to find this niche by figuring out the kinds of jobs people will pay IT consulting firms to accomplish. Finding your specific market will help bring more clients to your business. The four major markets are government, large businesses, small businesses and individuals.


An organization that runs with the help of taxpayers is a government entity. IT consulting firms with government experience have a great deal of credibility in the community and will have more success with hiring. The target markets for this sector are city, state and federal governments. You should also include universities and other educational institutions in your search.


IT consulting firms typically have a lot of competition when it comes to large business contracts, but if they are hired in this market, they can make a great deal of money. Companies with big revenues and many employees qualify as large businesses. As your experience grows in this area and your familiarity with the industry increases, you have a greater chance of being hired.


Small businesses are perhaps the biggest part of the consulting arena. They can have anywhere from one employee to hundreds. The small business market offers much less competition for IT consulting firms than the larger businesses or government markets offer, but the contracts will be therefore smaller.


The individual market is difficult, because many individual contracts are required to create a livable income. Contracts will be very small, and consultants will have to look for work very regularly.

IT consulting firms can figure out a target market by looking at their expertise and then considering the marketplaces within each of the four sectors to see where it fits in specifically. With each job, firms need to prove they offer superior work to ensure good referrals and new jobs.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg