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Monday, April 03, 2006

IT Spending: Reallocating Clients’ Budgets

When your clients have budget surpluses and decide to work on upgrading their IT products, remember that there are other things to consider besides PC hardware. Help your clients spend their surplus where it will help them the most.

Offer Training

Although your client may think all they need is better computers, their employees may really need better training to use the system efficiently and productively. Offer to conduct training seminars for the company so that they can put their software to the best use.

Upgrading the Network

Your client may really need to upgrade their Internet connection, but they just don't realize it. Suggest alternatives that may help everyone's systems to work faster so that the system won't crash as often and employees can get more work done.

Give the Best Advice

Remember when helping your clients to give the best ideas for their needs. Suggest only those things that will help build their business – remember they are helping you build yours! Learn more about helping your clients reallocate their budgets in the article, IT Spending: Reallocate Your Clients’ PC Hardware Budgets (link above).

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