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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Partnering: Just Like Dating

Partnering requires a slow approach, and is as methodical and steady as dating. Just as you wouldn’t typically suggest going to bed with someone on a first date, you wouldn’t suggest closing a deal with a prospective partner during the first meeting.


In partnering, trying to close the deal in the first meeting will almost certainly guarantee failure. Partnerships can take weeks, months or years to develop, and some never even get past the first few meetings. You might be introduced by a client you have in common or by a friend. The relationship will evolve typically by getting together for coffee, trading emails, calling back and forth, going out for lunch, talking about client commonalities and other issues. Take the time to fully explore the potential of the relationship and keep communication open before you even think about asking for the sale or the partnering opportunity.


Partnering is about personalities matching, trust and chemistry. You have to have an IT connection or a business connection in order to even consider making partnering work. But above all, two companies have to really connect on every level in order for a partnering opportunity to take full shape.

You should keep your ears open for opportunities for partnering whenever you attend channel events, go to training classes or visit business expositions. Like in the dating world, you never know when you will find your next match.

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