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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

PC Trouble-Shooting with Computer Consulting 101

Small businesses often benefit from finding good local computer consulting firms to handle their computer problems. But some problems are so simple they do not require professional help. Computer Consulting 101 presents the following word of advice: reboot!

Even though this command might seem obvious or simple, many people overlook it while in the midst of horrible panic. The truth is, rebooting can avoid expensive, and sometimes even embarrassing calls to your computer consulting vendor. To initiate a reboot, exit out of all open files and programs. Then proceed through the shut-down and restart sequence.

If your computer problem seems to be hardware-related, you can go one step further. Go to the start menu, shut down your PC, then turn the power off for a minute or a bit more, assuming your computer did not turn itself off by itself as a response to the problem. After you’ve completed the sequence, turn the PC back on and determine if the problem cleared up by itself.

Even though this seems like simple advice, it is commonly helpful. And when in doubt, why not save the precious dollars of your IT budget for more pressing matters?

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg