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Monday, April 03, 2006

Qualifying Clients for IT Service Contracts

Some clients don’t qualify for IT service contracts, and there are specific ways to determine whether a customer will be interested or appropriate to take them on.


When you prepare for the sales call, you should prepare questions that will tell you whether or not your prospect will be a good candidate for IT service contracts. If the person does not seem to want to work with someone in a long-term relationship or he is simply not ready for it, he is probably not qualified.


IT service contracts are essentially an insurance policy. 85 percent of the time you visit a client, you will not be handling emergencies. You will be maintaining, upgrading and keeping products up-to-date. But, the other 15 percent of the time you visit for emergencies, the client will want to know you can help quickly; you are selling them, more than anything, the peace of mind of knowing that you are supporting their most important systems.

Your prospects need to be capable of buying into the peace of mind idea. They need to believe you are offering them a quality insurance policy, and that you will support them during even the most devastating times. They need to be capable of total trust in you.


Be wary of time wasters when looking for potential buyers of IT service contracts. Since you are taking a chance by dramatically changing your business to offer IT service contracts, you don’t want to waste time on anyone that will not buy into the total package. Don’t waste time on sales calls if you have an idea that the candidate will not be receptive to your plan.

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