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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Seagate Ups Desktop Capacity To 750 GB

The 50% capacity boost by Seagate is all due to a little thing known as perpendicular recording. This new method for storing data "takes bits of data and align it vertically to increase aerial density; doing so enables the drive to offer a 10 percent improvement in performance."

As the leading supplier of disk drives, the company's new use of the technology makes their competitors look old and behind the times. Other companies are rushing to make changes to their technology but it may take a little while.

In addition to creating a lot more space on desktops, the new drives also offer "Clean Sweep," "clean sweep," in which "the actuator that writes to the disk to calibrate the drive sweeps over the drive when a system is first turned on."

Learn more about Seagate's advanced technology in the complete article (link above).

Submitted by Computer Consulting 101 Professional Kit