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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Solution Providers: EMC Announces New Rebate for Small Businesses

EMC recently announced a new initiative geared towards solution providers to help grow their small business clients. Special package pricing and a $500 rebate for solution providers that use the vendor’s email and data protection bundles in work with small business clients will hopefully help expand EMC’s reach within the small business sector.

The company introduced two new bundles of older products from its EMC Insignia line that can be sold by solution providers. Those selling the bundles can qualify to get a rebate of $500. This plan marks more movement in EMC’s drive into the small business sector, which began in 2004 when it acquired Dantz Development and became more directed when the company launched its EMC Insignia small business program in February. According to solution providers, the new programs have been very successful.

EMC is utilizing the new bundled offerings to make it simpler for solution providers to deliver technology to small businesses that might not be aware of certain products and services. The two bundles are both based on EMC’s Clariion AX150 and AX150i entry-level storage systems, introduced by the company last week. The difference between the two products is that the AX150 uses a Fibre Channel, and the AX150i uses an ISCSI.

The first bundle designed for solution providers is the EMC Insignia Solution for Exchange, priced starting at $12, 495 and offers five 500-Gbyte drives as well as the company’s EMC Storage Administrator for small businesses and EMC Retrospect for Windows backup. It help automate management of Microsoft Exchange data and help bring more customers to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. This bundle can be used by small businesses that have four to six servers and are not yet making use of a storage area network.

The other bundle, priced at $11, 995 is called EMC Insignia Solution for Data Protection and provides six 500-Gbyte SATA drives and Retrospect for Windows software. It is designed to help automate data protection on servers, desktops, notebook PC’s and workstations.

Solution providers say the bundles each offers an exceptional value compared to others of their kind.

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