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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Solution Providers: Xerox Expands Channel

Xerox announced recently that it would be expanding its channel program to help solution providers. The expansion will allow solution providers to bring consulting, assessment and a variety of managed services to more clients. Xerox also hopes to increase the number of VARs in its consulting arena

The company thinks that this channel re-focusing will help keep it ahead of competitors, including Dell, that have recently started to get into print managed services. James Firestone, president of Xerox North America states that this program for solution providers will open up the market, as in the past nobody has tried to add value in the world of printers. Xerox declared its commitment to providing solutions and increasing training programs for resellers so they can pass it along to their customers.

Xerox is expanding this program – the “Solutions Advantage Program” – for solution providers to new regions of the United States such as the Midwest and the Southeast to add to the already served Southwest area.

Solution providers that have already been using the new channel program are enthusiastic about the partnership opportunities. Michigan-based solution provider Landmark was able to use many of Xerox’s products already to better serve customers, and remarked that Xerox was more diligent about providing assessment, consulting and managed services than Dell, the company Landmark used to work with to fulfill these needs.

The reason the program works so well is XOPA, a turnkey analytical tool that can be used by solution providers to look at customers’ workflow, document needs and structural problems. It is based on Xerox’s own assessment and consulting tool.

Companies like Dell have expressed the desire to get into the printer space, but Xerox claims that Dell’s model for their own channel program is not nearly as well-tailored as theirs, and does not offer the full range of consulting, assessment and print managed services, although Dell has made major headway in that arena in the past year. Dell’s approach to the program, however focuses on volume-intensive and cost-effective rather than customer service and contact, which is Xerox’s major strength.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg