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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Solutions Providers Find Problems with Microsoft Patches

Solution providers and IT professionals are having difficulty with a Microsoft security patch offered last week. The patch is causing Explorer to lock up as well as problems with Windows and repeated system crashes.

The patch, MS06-015 is one of five released by Microsoft to correct vulnerabilities labeled “critical” in Windows Explorer that could be used by hackers to remotely use code to install malware and other items into computers. Unfortunately, the new patch contains a file named Verclsid.exe that does not fit with Hewlett-Packard printers, scanners and cameras. According to solution providers, most of the issues users are having with the new patch involve bad interactions between security updates and software components within HP hardware. Microsoft has posted responses to concerns on its website.

After problems with the patch were detected, many users came to Microsoft’s online tech support site for help with issues that were not resolved after a reboot. Other solution providers noted that the problems were not limited to HP hardware, and in many cases required users to uninstall the patch or perform whole system restores to regain functionality.

Four or more Microsoft solution providers contacted could not identify any problems among their users. A security advisor for Microsoft, however guesses that the problems might be attached to non-security features, but has not yet confirmed the intricacies of the issue.

Some users are thinking about shutting off Microsoft’s Auto Update feature until problems are resolved in order to prevent security patches from being downloaded that might disable systems, but solution providers advise against it because of important security issues.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg