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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Subcontractors: Who Knows Your Clients Best?

One of the biggest concerns for computer consultants is how to keep their subcontractors from stealing their clients. Working with the right subcontractors and taking the right steps can keep you from having your clients stolen from you.

Once you have a good gut feeling about someone, go ahead with signing the contract. Make sure you put a non-compete clause in every contract to help protect your company. You can get some protection from the contract, but nothing is stronger than a good gut feeling about an honest person who will not try to make your life miserable.

Know your clients well before hiring subcontractors. You should always be the main contact for all accounts, and you should keep in touch with your clients regularly. If you know your clients best, then you own the relationship. If clients are seeing your subcontractors a lot, make sure you supplement that with personal calls and visits or send different contractors.

Find out more about owning your client relationships and creating a successful business in the complete article (link above).

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