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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Systems Integrators News: Avocent Acquires LANDesk

Only a mere month after a previous acquisition, server management vendor Avocent Corp., a company providing tools for systems integrators and others is set to take over LANDesk Software Inc. The company will buy LANDesk in cash and stock totaling $416 million.

This acquisition will provide the market with infrastructure management and security solutions that will be constantly available, taken from hardware and software packages that will be able to control the IT assets of large organizations.

Avocent, based in Huntsville, AL, owns approximately 50% of the market for key-video-mouse, KVM, switches and serial consoles for data management centers. The company is trying to expand its name in the industry and suggested last month after acquiring Cyclades Corp. that it was thinking of again using an additional $200 million to expand into other technology arenas to further help systems administrators, systems integrators and others throughout the IT world.

The vendor has control of KVM switching technology that lets administrators and systems integrators run Windows servers both locally and remotely by using analog KVM or an IP connection with digital KVM options.

LANDesk was founded in 2002, developed from Intel Corp. and responsible for certain desktop systems management and systems integrators software assets. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, the software vendor has continued to innovate its software to satisfy the demand for IT management resources. The company works with many major partners including computer resellers Front Range and systems integrators like IBM, Siemens and Unisys. Its main software package, LANDesk Management Suite, offers tools that can help manage desktop servers and mobile technologies.

This acquisition will close in the next 75 days and consists of $200 million in stocks, $200 million in cash and $16 million in additional options. If LANDesk is able to meet specific financial goals, Avocent may up the ante by $60 million.

Created By: Joshua Feinberg