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Friday, April 28, 2006

Technology Consultant – Monitoring Project Performance

As a technology consultant, you will be in charge of large, complex projects that require extensive planning and monitoring. Keeping track of progress will mean that you stay on target to complete milestones and finish the project on time.

Progress Reports

The technology consultant should require all members of the project team to submit regular progress reports. Any problems that are encountered should be reported here as well as the stage of the project that is currently being tackled.


Decide what seems to be a reasonable timeline for project reports given the project and your team. First time team members may need to submit reports more often so that you can make sure they're not getting lost.

Review Meetings

Schedule review meetings at regular intervals. You can read through the progress reports so you can know what problems and topics need to be dealt with in the meeting. Allow everyone to share concerns and offer input while you are together.


A variety of issues may need to be settled during the course of a project. There may be problems with some technology integration or the budget may be decreased. A technology consultant should be ready and able to deal with these issues and make the appropriate adjustments.

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