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Monday, April 17, 2006

Using Recruiting Resources in the Computer Service Business

In the computer service business you will have to recruit employees both at the business start-up and throughout the life of the business. There are many available recruiting resources available to computer service business managers, and the manager able to get creative with these resources will have more of a chance of recruiting qualified employees. The following resources will help computer business service managers with the hiring process: advertising; referrals; promotions; and Internet recruiting.


Classified ads will cause many people to send in resumes, but not all will be qualified. These types of ads are also very expensive and should therefore be written to target individuals that have the necessary qualities. Advertising agencies or marketing professionals can help computer service business managers write the best ads.


Many times you will find that current employees are qualified to fill openings. Promoting from within a computer service business can boost morale, but must be done only if the person has the necessary qualifications and not simply because it might help you avoid other recruiting techniques outside the business.


An ideal candidate can often be someone within your network of friends and business colleagues. You can also encourage current employees to tell you about possible candidates within their circles. Make sure you screen these candidates in the same way you would anyone else to make sure they are truly a good fit for the job.


A responsible computer service business manager will constantly look through competitor websites and the Internet for job candidates. You can cut costs significantly by using Internet referral services. Narrow your search by checking qualifications carefully.

Computer service business recruiting can take a long time and be expensive, but if you use all available resources, you will be more likely to find a qualified employee.

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