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Sunday, April 09, 2006

VARs Program from CompUSA Misses the Mark

The new VARs program set up by CompUSA has not met expectations of clients. Solution providers state that they were expecting up to $15,000 per month in revenue from their relationship with the company and have not seen anywhere close to that amount.

While the VARs program was highly publicized and excitedly pitched, many major solution providers state that it was mostly just hype. The few calls they received were more break/fix issues and not higher-end networking solutions as promised by the program. While the plan sounded good initially, its components never truly were developed.

CompUSA’s vice president of business service George Coll disagrees with solution providers and says that the relationships the company has developed with VARs has provoked great growth. He said that CompUSA put up a new web page last month to display the many new services it was offering to small businesses as a result of this program, such as data storage management, data security and even wireless networks. He said it would not be possible for someone to provide nationally the kinds of services the company is offering if they didn’t have actively-involved partners and people enthusiastically participating in the VARs program, launched last August. He says that the program is designed to give rapid response to problems at an excellent value, and that the effort of the company is still on track and running smoothly.

The program dispatches service calls through OnForce in New York, previously connected with

Some VARs state they have started to see as much as $5,000 of additional revenue through the partnership each month, and that many of these are small business and home users that need complex networking reconfigurations and solutions; but this amount is far less than expected. The expectation was that CompUSA had a line of potential customers needing expertise and services the company couldn’t provide, and early conversations were clear that there was definitely a potential for $15,000 extra per month. The idea of VARs partnering with CompUSA to provide solutions while CompUSA offered the hardware sounded like a great relationship initially for most involved in the program.

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