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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

2006 ASCII Tech Boot Camp Offers Services for IT Consultants

Since 1984, the ASCII Group, Inc. has provided a variety of services for IT consultants and other IT professionals looking to expand their businesses. ASCII recently put together a new series of business strategy workshops for 2006 in the form of ASCII Tech Boot Camps.

These technology boot camps are designed to offer busy IT consultants and resellers with a compact one-day session that provides all the information they need to help sharpen new networking and client acquisition skills, improve revenue and sales and learn how to manage service contracts. One participant, an IT consultant and reseller stated that using this marketing program helped his revenue increase over 201% and his total gross profit from sales increase 51%.

Jerry Koutavas, VP of Business Development at ASCII, based in Bethesda, Maryland stated that most other events concentrate in areas that do not directly benefit solution providers and IT consultants by ignoring the learning of best practices and networking. ASCII Boot Camps give IT consultants and resellers tools they can use.

At the 2006 Boot Camps, ASCII was joined by SYNNEX, a national distributor of technology products to give IT consultants and resellers in attendance access to 30 vendor partners in just one day helping to make simple the process of learning about and finding appropriate channel partners.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg