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Thursday, May 25, 2006

5G Wireless Signs With NEXT SA To Bring Broadband Wireless Solutions to Middle East and African Markets

5G Wireless Communications Inc. is one of the primary leaders in the wireless broadband industry. Today they announced that they have signed NEXT SA, a Senegal-based engineering and consulting firm, as a VAR for the company.

Because of this agreement, there will now be broadband wireless solutions available in Middle East and African markets. From Egypt to the Congo to Kenya, wireless is now coming to the countries.

According to Mouhamet Diop, CEO of NEXT S.A. and expert consultant for the UN, World Bank and Board of Director for ICANN, says, "5G Wireless allows us to provide customers with reliable high-speed, high-quality internet solutions. The power of Wi-Fi allows businesses to create interconnectivity within offices and brings wireless Internet access to the touch of your hands from any location. Several countries in Africa and Middle East rely on less than two lines per 100 households to complete the Internet infrastructure; bringing Wi-Fi to these nations will be the ultimate business solution."

Learn more about the agreement and the new broadband wireless available in the complete article (link above).

Posted by Computer Consulting 101