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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

CITTIO Introduces Slingshot Kit -- Enabling MSPs to Deliver Network and Systems Monitoring as a Service

CITTIO Inc. is the award-winning innovation leader in Network and Systems Monitoring software. Today, the company unveiled its Managed Service Provider (MSP) Slingshot Kit. Providing end-to-end software, financing, technical and sales support, CITTIO package allows MSPs to profit from their work more quickly.

John Hudson, president of Computers & Networks Unlimited, said, "We looked at several network and systems monitoring solutions and selected CITTIO for both technical and business reasons. For a very affordable price, we can deliver truly enterprise-class services, including the standard 'break/fix,' as well as higher service level agreements. CITTIO really understands our challenges and has been instrumental in organizing everything from financing to sales training and technical support. With the CITTIO Slingshot Kit, we 'just add water' with our own execution to create a profitable service that is optimized for our multi-site, multi-client environment."

Jamie Lerner, president and CEO of CITTIO, added, "MSPs now constitute a third of our customer base. Dozens of MSPs are already seeing a significant stream of revenue from using WatchTower® as the backbone of network monitoring and management services. It's not unusual for a CITTIO MSP customer to make upwards of $40K a month on network monitoring services alone. Our Slingshot Kit is a fast and focused way for a MSP to build business and recurring revenue as well as increase customer loyalty."

Learn more about CITTIO's services in the full article (link above).

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