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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Computer Business News: New Solution for Image Spam

The latest in the computer business is that Internet service providers and companies reliant on the Internet can now reduce annoying image spam using Vircom’s new verion of Modus. The latest version of Modus helps eliminate persistent spam trying to sell pills, remedies and penny stocks to users. Modus 4.3 5 offers filtering options that capture 98 percent of image spam, defined as junk email composed of mostly pictures.

Image spam can be difficult for those in the computer business to catch because email filters can’t read messages embedded within images. Therefore, spammers can confuse filters by sending a slightly different image every time. Spammers often will use this technique along with the use of millions upon millions of “bots.” These “bots” infect desktop PCs throughout the world that are designated to send massive amounts of image spam.

As the problem continues to worsen, Vircom’s researchers have created brand new anti-spam technology that helps Modus users block most image spam quickly. This new program has been given to certain Vircom customers for testing, and these clients have already reported an astounding difference in the image spam received. In fact, most reported that it completely went away. Companies like Blue Ridge Internetworks, a network consulting and services company with clients that typically get 100-150 image spam emails daily stated that before the new Modus program the company was getting complaints on a daily basis about image spam. The company’s customers have stopped complaining since installation of Modus, as they are simply not receiving spam anymore.

The Modus system manages both ingoing and outgoing emails and gives protection not only from spam but also from fraud, viruses, spyware, out-of-policy communications and other nuisances and security problems. This technology works in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and all other standard email servers. It is available in software and appliance format.

Modus 4.3 5 is currently available, although its price depends upon the number of mailboxes per company.

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