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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Computer Business Transmeta Reveals New Chip

Computer business Transmeta recently showed off a new low-power chip after a long break from chip design due to a problem with its relationship with Intel. The open display of the new chip by the computer business is making experts wonder if it might be considering a deal with Microsoft.

On Wednesday, Transmeta said the work it has done on a low-power microprocessor that works well as a handheld computer. CEO Dave Ditzel gave a demonstration of Transmeta’s Efficeon microprocessor that combines excellent performance with power conservation. Ditzel also assured attendees that the computer business would never leave the chip design field because it values its customers and will work hard to continue to serve them best in the future.

Although Ditzel never confirmed a long-term relationship with Microsoft, Transmeta did state in 2005 that it was designing a new version of its Efficeon chip for Microsoft. The design of the chip opens up a new chapter for the computer business. Transmeta will stop working on general-purpose designs and start to work with consulting projects. The creation of a microprocessor is part of this consulting endeavor.

Just because Transmeta creates a design for Microsoft, the computer business is not guaranteed to win over the company. According to experts, there will most likely be many bids made to win the chance to design components for Microsoft’s new handheld device.

Regardless of what happens with the Microsoft deal, Ditzel stated that Transmeta’s mission is to do something both unique and different.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg