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Friday, May 19, 2006

Computer Consulting 101 Hiring Tips (part 1 Of 2)

When you're considering hiring a full time computer consultant, there will be some important questions that you'll need to ask. You want to prevent problems when hiring so that you don't have to spend your valuable time dealing with them later. Here are just a few of the questions you should ask:

Part-time or Full-time Computer Consulting

Do you have a day job ? Are you moonlighting?

Solo Practitioner or True Computer Consulting Business

What do you mean by the we ? Are there any other people who work at your company?

Are they employees or contractors? What are their names, specialties and backgrounds? How long have they been with the company? Will they be involved with this account?

Computer Consulting Experience

What size is your typical consulting client, in terms of number of PCs, employees and annual revenue?

Generalist or Specialist Consulting Company

What industries or vertical markets have you worked with? And in what particular aspects and software applications?

What kinds of products, services, and platforms does your company shy away from? Do you work with any specialty hardware, software or services vendors?

Keep asking questions so that you can differentiate between the bull and the truth. The more you know, the better choice you'll be able to make. Learn more about preventing problems while hiring a computer consultant in the complete article (link above).

Posted by Joshua Feinberg