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Monday, May 22, 2006

Expanded Computer Consulting 101 Hiring Tools

Once you get beyond basic questions regarding hiring a computer consulting firm to handle your technology needs as a business owner, you should consider the following more specific questions provided by the experts at Computer Consulting 101. These questions will help you gauge whether the firm you interview will be a good fit for your specific business.

1. Does your company resell technology products such as hardware or software?
2. Are you a profit center or can we shop for products elsewhere, and if we do can we still purchase your analysis services?
3. Do you work with any other vendors, such as ISPs or phone companies, and do you accept commissions or referral fees if you give them client business?
4. What are your terms of payment, rates and billing minimums?
5. What is billable and not billable?
6. Do you charge for travel time, telephone support, e-mail or online support or any other item beyond the straight consulting work?
7. Do you charge hourly rate billing premiums for after-hours/emergency work? What do you consider after hours or emergency?
8. Do you have support contracts available, and if so, what are the costs?
9. Tell me a bit about a long-term consulting client.
10. Tell me a bit about a recently signed client.
11. If you have small business clients that didn’t work out, what happened?
12. Can you provide references?
13. How do you keep up to date with new technologies?
14. How do you bill clients? What costs are absorbed at first, and are there any gray areas?
15. How do you feel about holding clients’ hands and in-depth training with employees?
16. What kind of user and technical training do you offer for your clients?
17. Are you willing to train internal computer administrators to help them become more independent even if it gives you less job security and fewer opportunities to bill more hours?

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