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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Fix Your Own PC

To secure expert peace of mind, most businesses should certainly use a local computer consulting firm skilled at handling complex problems. However, as much as ten to tenty percent of computer trouble can be fixed by even the most technologically unskilled employee by a simple reboot.

Before you waste precious budget dollars on a call to your computer consulting experts, just go through the standard shutdown and restart sequence. Many times this will jump-start your system again, and you’ll be up and running.

If you think you have a hardware problem, either with a soundcard, mouse or any other item, go one step further: go through the shutdown process, then leave your computer’s power off for a minute or more, assuming the machine didn’t lose power on its own. Turn on your computer and see if the problem fixed itself.

Follow the advice above to avoid over-spending on unnecessary calls to your computer consulting firm. Chances are there will come a time when you need your budget for a complex project or real emergency.

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