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Monday, May 15, 2006

Handheld Devices: Protecting Client Security and Ensuring Connectivity

Handheld devices and PDAs can connect to your clients’ LANS. Therefore, you need to help clients with PDA remote access just as you would with home computers or a company-owned notebook. When dealing with handheld devices and clients you should talk about what sensitive data can and should be stored on handheld devices. Security issues are especially important here because these devices are more prone than others to theft.


Be sure to set up backup procedures with clients for handheld devices and important data. Don’t let your clients become a member of the unfortunate club of those that have lost handheld devices and then lost three years of appointments and 2,000 customer names stored in their PDA because they didn’t have a backup anywhere else.


You should think about how your clients’ internal IT support staff or your consulting firm will help users connect handheld devices to office PCs. Your clients could ban PDAs from the office altogether or make users responsible for their own PDA support, but these may not be practical plans. Handheld devices are becoming so important that others in your clients’ industries are probably already making them an important part of business.


Your clients most likely don’t want those employees that are not knowledgeable in PC and PDA connectivity to install their own devices. Many times a user will break important software configurations when they accept default settings.

If your clients want users to learn about the value of handheld devices they will need an expert to help them manage these installations.

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