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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

How to Hire Computer Consulting Firms

If you are looking to hire a computer consulting firm, there are some important preliminary questions you can ask to best gage what firm is right for you when interviewing candidates. These favorite Computer Consulting 101 hiring questions can help even the most inexperienced at looking for tech support get a good idea of your local computer consulting options:

“Do you have a day job? Are you moonlighting?”
“Are there others working for your computer consulting business or are you a solo practitioner?”
“Are the others working with you employees or contractors? What are their names, specialties and general backgrounds, and how long have they been with the computer consulting company? Will they be directly involved with this account?”
“What size is your typical consulting client as far as number of PCs, employees and revenue annually?”
“What industries or markets have you worked with, and with what software applications?”
“What kinds of products, services and platforms are you uncomfortable working with, and do you work with any specific hardware, software or services vendors?”

These questions will help get anyone looking for a computer consulting firm started weeding out the wrong candidates. More questions follow in the second installment of hiring tips from Computer Consulting 101.

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