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Friday, May 19, 2006

IT Consulting for Micro Businesses: What You Need to Know

When many computer consultants are just starting out, IT consulting for micro businesses can be a great place to start. You'll need to be familiar with several types of hardware, software, and networking to be successful as an IT consultant.

Most micro small businesses need the most help when it comes to networking. They won't have a designated server yet, but they will need some help with their peer-to-peer network. You should also be familiar with the inexpensive routers that share a broadband connection among a whole office and have the little built in 10/100 switch.

The other primary concern for micro small businesses is virus protection. You should be able to work with anti-virus applications and personal firewalls so that you can help micro small business owners protect their data.

Learn more about what you'll need to know as an IT consultant for micro businesses in the full article (link above).

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