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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

IT Consulting is About Services, Not Products

In the world of IT consulting, a successful business is focused on selling consulting services, not products.


While you might end up being a dealer for someone or an authorized solution for another to help yourself in the IT consulting business, you should not build your entire business around those things. The economy is no longer motivated by the selling of products; it is run and moved forward by services and solutions and real people, your clients.

If you get behind someone and say, “I am this dealer,” putting it all over websites and business cards, you are basically acting as a non-salaried employee of whatever product company you are backing. This will eventually turn you into a commodity rather than a real IT consulting solution provider.


If you align yourself with a software vendor, perhaps one that caters to the medical field, you have to figure out if this niche is right for your IT consulting business. You should be trying to get paying clients initially and gaining experience in a certain area.

If you are already working full time in the medical field niche, providing PC support for someone that makes medical practice management software, it makes sense to move through this niche into the IT consulting world since you already have experience there and a credible track record.


If you are just starting from the very beginning in the IT consulting world your first priority is to gain experience in your desired specialization field before you make any big investments with vendors or go to conferences. Start by getting clients or a part time job that allows you contact with small doctor’s offices and what it is like to work there before you start building an entire IT consulting company around it. Know you like it and can do it before you choose it!

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