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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

IT Specialists Need to Find a Niche

Becoming an IT specialist means finding a niche and developing it.


You might find as an IT specialist that your ideal clients are not in the same industry, which is called a vertical niche. However, you might discover that most of the clients’ contacts are office managers, giving them something in common. To further develop this commonality, conduct an informal survey; ask them what their biggest IT and business issues are and check to make sure you are a solution to these problems. Being able to address the most dire problems will help you keep clients for longer and give you intimate knowledge of the big business and big IT issues among these clients so you can use the right marketing techniques and find the proper mailing lists, organizations and magazines to help you find a lot of office managers.


Ask the following questions about your target market to help you with your marketing skills:

1. Who are “they?”
2. What do they read?
3. What trade publications or e-zines exist for them?
4. What newsletters do they receive?
5. What local and regional conferences will they attend?
6. What trade groups have local chapters they might belong to?
7. Where do they frequent?
8. What do they talk about?
9. What are their concerns and worries?

Talk to your most trusted clients to get the answers to these questions if you want to be an IT specialist with more clients like the people you like best.

You have probably developed personal relationships already with clients, so take them out for breakfast or lunch and tell them your plans to be an IT specialist. Ask them your questions and you will develop better relationships with existing clients and find more that will bring you lucrative long-term connections.

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