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Thursday, May 04, 2006

McAfee Execs Chart Course For Partners, Products

Wednesday at the partner's summit, McAfee executives laid out their plans for their products and their partners. The company has reported $1.1 billion in cash and growth expectations in the neighborhood of 15 percent for 2006. The McAfee CEO also shared that 18 percent of its fiscal 2006 revenue on research and development.

In addition, the company recently bought SiteAdvisor, a program that analyzes websites and provides threat ratings. McAfee shared that they plan to incorporate this technology into their other software for added components

In other great news for VARs, McAfee expects their sales to SMBs to rise 30% this year as companies become more aware that security is a major issue. According to McAfee CTO Chris Bolin, "We will continue to develop proactive protections."

Learn more about McAfee, their plans, and how you can get involved by reading the entire article (link above).

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