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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

PC Help for Technophobes

Even though certainly small businesses need to find support via local computer consulting businesses to handle major tech support issues, according to the experts at Computer Consulting 101 many problems (as many as 10-20%!) can be handled with one simple technique: rebooting!

Sound simple? It is, but it is also very effective! Before you call an IT support problem into the computer consulting vendor, think about the reboot to save you time and money from your precious IT budget.

Rebooting is simple. Exit out of all files and programs, run through a shut-down and restart sequence and see if that rectified the problem. Even if the computer problem is hardware-related, you can go a step further before calling computer consulting experts. Go to the start menu, shut down the PC, then turn the power off for a minute or more. Power back up your PC, and chances are, the problem may have resolved itself. Rebooting never hurts, and can actually pay off in the long run for any business!

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