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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Reboot Your PC

Businesses that use PCs in any capacity need the on-going support offered by a good computer consulting firm. But many computer problems can be easily solved by even the least computer savvy individual by one simple process: the reboot.

Before spending precious budget dollars on a call to your computer consulting support team, first complete the following steps:

1. Close out of all programs and files.
2. Go through a regular shut-down and restart sequence.

If you suspect the problem is hardware-related, such as an issue with a sound card or a mouse, take the reboot one step further. Shut down your computer and turn the power off for a minute or more. Restart and see if the problem resolved itself.

About ten to twenty percent of the time, a simple reboot will solve a problem with a PC and can avoid expensive calls to computer consulting experts.

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