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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Seasonal Trends in IT Consulting

As a person involved in IT consulting you need to know about seasonal selling trends. In general, you can’t count on major decisions being made about small business IT projects in the late summer or during the holidays except in the case of emergencies.


For many with IT consulting businesses, the period from early July until Labor Day is a bad time for any decisions from customers or prospective clients. If you have a lot of IT consulting leads, prospects and proposals out you need to follow up persistently in April, May and June. When July hits, you will experience a very quiet eight weeks.


Sales and marketing efforts are best carried out in the fall, from early September until Thanksgiving in late November. These ten to fourteen weeks are the time to follow up on all IT consulting leads, make sales calls, generate proposals and try to get definite commitments from people about big projects.


Once you get into the winter holiday season, aside from emergencies, you will probably not be able to secure commitments on major IT consulting projects until January. Most clients will try to put you off until the first of the year, so be prepared.

If you are aware of these seasonal trends in IT consulting sales, you will have a better time managing your time and money.

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