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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

SFP Transceivers Transfer HD Video Over Fiber Optic Network

MRV Communications Inc. Provides products and services for out-of-band networking, WDM and optical transport, metro Ethernet, fiber optic components, 10GE and other service aware networking products.

Using Digital Video Small Form Factor Pluggable Transceivers, uncompressed high-definition video can be transported over standard fiber optic networks. Each unit has coaxial cable connector. The connector takes digital video feed from camera or production system. Then the video is fed into the SFP-based system that converts sight into fiber optic signal. "Transceivers use encoding algorithm based on EG-34 industry standard to transport SDI and HD-SDI data."

Dirk Van Dall, General Manager, Broadway Video Digital Media Services, is one of New York's leading design and post-production services companies and a major independent producer of television and film entertainment. He said, "I was impressed at how easy it was to transport HD & SD video in the same system that offered GigE and Fibre Channel connectivity," said. "With MRV equipment, a high speed data link between diverse operations can do 'double-duty' as an uncompressed HD baseband connection. We can even set the system up to have both high-speed data and HD/SD baseband concurrently. It's seamless and well integrated into their system, and an extremely versatile way to link locations."

Noam Lotan, MRV President and CEO, also commented on the technology: "As HD content becomes the norm in more industries, the limitations to transporting it on a network have a bigger impact on budgets and on turnaround time for projects. We wanted to mark MRV's debut into the video networking marketplace with these SFPs because they so strongly change the equation making transporting video over a fiber network as easy and cost-effective as any other protocol."

Learn more about the MRV system by reading the entire article (link above).

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